Reigns of the Black Dragon and stuff

Every single week when someone pugs to zerg Sartharion for the drake mount I try to make sure I join in. Its a fun mount that I wouldnt mind having. Both the black drake from 10-man and the Twilight drake from 25-man. Sadly, the First 25-man version I did ended with the raid leader ninjaing the mount.

But yesterday night I did another zerg. Not only was I amongst the top 3 in dps, I was also the only one who survived! As Ive made it through the exit and rolled on the drake and whatnot I cheer in raid chat I survived! Woot! a couple of the others point out And you got the drake, you lucky bastard! I hadnt even noticed. I just naturally assumed I lost the roll. But I didnt. I really did win.

I flew around circling Dalaran for at least 30 minutes playing with it. Even though I already have the red and bronze drake mount, and the albino drake on my tank, I still thought this particular one was better then all of them. Go figure.

Furthermore I joined an ICC 25-man pug. These pugs usually ends at the first wing since people tend to drop or ninjalog by the time we finish Deathbringer Saurfang. The resto shield of Lord Marrowgar -finally- dropped and I won the roll against another resto shaman with only SEVEN points. I was so excited, finally I didnt have to farm for a new shield anymore.

Ive been farming ToC 10 and 25-man every week to see if it would drop. Unfortunately, either the groups were so shitty they never made it to the bosses that drops the shield, or it didnt drop at all. Frustrating to say the least. Especially since its one of the very few lower item levels I had that were starting to become obsolete compared to the content I was running. I had already been chatting about it on vent while the group was forming, so when I won the shield several people were almost as excited as I was, and one guy enchanted it for me on the spot.

And later today.. Im healing the Lich King in 10-man. Im hoping well get him down, cause its an achievement Ive been wanting to have ever since it got out, and this is one of my few opportunities before I go on vacation.

Wish me luck!

Tanking used to be fun

Tanking with a paladin (or with any toon) wasnt something I tried until my toon was at least level 76. This was before the Dungeon Finder-tool came to life and you had to constantly spam both Trade and Looking For Group chat for hours before finally getting to the actual instance.

We were a small group of friends who had met in the game who liked doing stuff together; a druid, priest, hunter and then me, the paladin. I wanted to try healing, so I wasnt interested in tanking at first. But having to spend hours trying to get ahold of a tank when youre standing there with two other people who can already heal instead is just frustrating. So I made the switch. Ran a couple of instances in order get practice in on how to tank. Luckily, paladin is a class that is frightfully easy to tank with and I pride myself in knowing I can chainpull almost any heroic instance without causing too much strain on the healer. Mostly also because I heavily outgear them of course.

Then the Dungeon Finder-tool happened.

Back in the day one was always careful with how you responded to people, how you treated people, and how you played with others. Cause no one wants to group with an asshole, especially not for hours while raiding. The Dungeon Finder however now allows people from multiple servers go into an instance together. People no longer need to watch their mouths worrying word will spread about your shitty personality. They no longer have to worry about their reputation. And they sure act like immature assholes whenever they can.

If you spend an extra 5 seconds buffing everyone before running off to the first mob, youll be told to go or gtfo. If you dont skip bosses they feel they dont want to waste time with, theyll tell you to stfu or gtfo. If something happens for a variety of reasons, regardless of whos fault it might be which results in a wipe, youre being quite graphically explained just how much they feel you suck and its all your fault. Ive also gotten the really cranky healers who feels to exercise their non-existant power with threatening to not heal me for whatever reason they find logical.
Im standing there with over 42 000 health unbuffed in Utgarde Keep Heroic, sweetheart. I can do this fine without heals, thanks.

Then of course its the whole thing about loot. Cause everyone has an offspec today. It still puzzles me when some people tell me they dont. I can somewhat understand it if you play a pure dps class, but for hybrid classes having the opportunity to play multiple roles just strikes me as more of an advantage.
And because of offspec, you no longer get first pickings on your upgrades cause evidently I can just run this again later, while you might -consider- tanking in a distant future and will need it more.
Lets just say it wasnt my idea of fun to farm Halls of Reflection to get the tanking shield to drop only to loose the roll to a dps who wants it for PVP.

No wonder nobody wants to tank anymore. I dont even want to tank anymore.