Fallout Shelter (on pc) vs. me

For the last couple of days I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout Shelter. I decided to install it on my pc as I wanted more control of my movements and because my cellphone struggles to run the game without much hiccup.

The first thing I decided to do is test out the breeding aspect of it all. This is due to a spur of defiance because of a tweet from Anita Sarkeesian about how

The pregnancy mechanics in Fallout Shelter are super troubling. The primary way to progress is to impregnate as many women as possible.

Well, you need to repopulate the world again, what other options are there to do so without good oldfashioned reproduction? If we’re going to have a proper discussion about the potential sexism in this game can we at least focus on the right part of the game that’s troublesome?

The reproduction is NOT the problem. Me being able to put a Professor’s outfit on males ONLY is however something that DID strike me as slightly odd. Or how the “sports fan” uniform was only for males. Women can be just as weird about sports like a man, and play about every single form of sport that also men play. Except for Turkish wrestling… for a reason obviously.

So why nothing was mentioned in any form that certain apparel was MALE ONLY and related to high ranking stats and positions which is indeed sexist is just beyond me. But like most things (if not all) when it comes to Anita Sarkeesian, she doesn’t really know what the f she’s talking about because she doesn’t actually play any of the games she comments on.

But I digress.


My first actions consisted of making sure I had the basic room setups like water, power, food and living quarters. Then I’d use one specific male to impregnate ALL the women. (Do not be logged in while they’re pregnant, it’s going to be a hassle trying to fend off raiders and whatnot with 10 pregnant screaming women running around like headless chickens.)

My plan consists of making sure that every single female has given birth to three female offspring. Any male offspring will be evicted the moment they reach adult age. I even charted to make sure they all have exactly three female offspring each before I introduce the second male. The second male is not related to any of the females in the vault and is therefore free to breed with ALL of them, including every single offspring of the first male. That’s a lot of women at this point. I’m almost kinda jealous of this guy.

He again (whoever that lucky bastard will be) is then going to have 3 female offspring with every single woman before introducing a third male. But I think perhaps at that point I’m most likely going to hit the 200 population limit anyway.

I’m doing this for a multitude of reasons. A bit of spite because dumb bitches like Anita Sarkeesian has internet access, playing it the “ordinary” way with multiple couples is boring, and I’m a bit fucked in the head.

So far it very much caters to the things I do like in games. There’s building, crafting, a little bit of action and random hoarding. Oh, and like the dumbest chatups ever. But that’s just a bonus.


Reigns of the Black Dragon and stuff

Every single week when someone pugs to zerg Sartharion for the drake mount I try to make sure I join in. Its a fun mount that I wouldnt mind having. Both the black drake from 10-man and the Twilight drake from 25-man. Sadly, the First 25-man version I did ended with the raid leader ninjaing the mount.

But yesterday night I did another zerg. Not only was I amongst the top 3 in dps, I was also the only one who survived! As Ive made it through the exit and rolled on the drake and whatnot I cheer in raid chat I survived! Woot! a couple of the others point out And you got the drake, you lucky bastard! I hadnt even noticed. I just naturally assumed I lost the roll. But I didnt. I really did win.

I flew around circling Dalaran for at least 30 minutes playing with it. Even though I already have the red and bronze drake mount, and the albino drake on my tank, I still thought this particular one was better then all of them. Go figure.

Furthermore I joined an ICC 25-man pug. These pugs usually ends at the first wing since people tend to drop or ninjalog by the time we finish Deathbringer Saurfang. The resto shield of Lord Marrowgar -finally- dropped and I won the roll against another resto shaman with only SEVEN points. I was so excited, finally I didnt have to farm for a new shield anymore.

Ive been farming ToC 10 and 25-man every week to see if it would drop. Unfortunately, either the groups were so shitty they never made it to the bosses that drops the shield, or it didnt drop at all. Frustrating to say the least. Especially since its one of the very few lower item levels I had that were starting to become obsolete compared to the content I was running. I had already been chatting about it on vent while the group was forming, so when I won the shield several people were almost as excited as I was, and one guy enchanted it for me on the spot.

And later today.. Im healing the Lich King in 10-man. Im hoping well get him down, cause its an achievement Ive been wanting to have ever since it got out, and this is one of my few opportunities before I go on vacation.

Wish me luck!

Welcome Molly

This is Molly. Shes 12 weeks old and fairly small for her age. She has greyish eyes and brown/grey stripes. Shes tremendously social and friendly towards people and only took her a few minutes before she made me her new mommy.

TS2 Aliens

My filthy rich sim got kidnapped by aliens. They were kind enough to deliver him back home in a polite and safe manner.

Some time later he gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Cleopatra. She’ll be a lovely match for the same aged little rumble of joy boy Pharaoh who lives across the street.

Yes, thats right. Im breeding alienbabies.