Transfer and translation

I spent the last couple of nights transferring some of my posts from a Norwegian blog I have to this one and translated wherever necessary to english. Which explains why all of a sudden there are posts from all the way back to 2012 now. I’m gonna try to use the way-back-machine to find old blog posts. I’m also gonna try a project this summer where I blog something every day for a month. Just to see if I can keep it up.

It’ll be interesting.

New office in grey and metallic wallpaper

In our appartment is a small storage room. It’s roughly above 2 meters each direction so you can easily fit a bed into it, but not much else. And it was no windows, so there’s no natural light or additional ventilation other than fan and open door. This has from time to time served as my office, actual storageroom or guestroom for a certain Australian guest who needed a place to stay over Christmas. In the ten years we’ve lived here this is the room we never did anything to as we mostly never seemed to have a good plan or the energy.

But Australian houseguest moved up west eventually and I started planning on using the room as a full time office. But in order to do so, I needed to be of better quality. Better lighting, nicer wallpaper and decent floors and so on.

So I cleared the room during a touch of influenza and told myself that I would go at a comfortable pace so I wouldnt overwork myself and get bedridden for the next three weeks. Well, I almost got bedridden for the next three weeks, but luckily I also finished the office in time before that happened.

First of all I needed a theme or a colourpalette. I wanted it to be girly. I don’t do things that are typically girly. I don’t necessarily like the colour pink, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, I still don’t know how make up work and all that stuff, so I wanted to make something that was supergirly in all it’s Barbie power.

How the hell I ended up with grey and silver is beyond me, but whatever.

I found a really nice damask wallpaper on Ebay for just £9 per roll. I bought two in the horrible misinformation it would be enough for such a small space. I was wrong.

But I loved the pattern and I liked the light shimmer it gave and all that good stuff, so we put the wallpaper up on the two walls I would be facing when sitting infront of my desk.

The walls behind me would be painted in a medium grey, supermatt, no shimmer here.

The corkboard I already had, but I painted it in the same paint as the walls and made a fancy wolf made from leftover scraps of the wallpaper

The furniture I bought on Ikea, the most expensive thing was actually the chair, which is indeed white. My plan changed from Crack-Barbie to “I’ll just use LED lights to set the mood” so it was important that I got as light coloured furniture as possible, preferably glossy, so they would reflect the LED lights I put everywhere.

And I couldn’t be happier!

Starfish from Lost Ocean

Inbetween being sick again, raiding in wow and general things in life I haven’t had much time left for the little things that tends to give me a little bit of peace and quiet. But the other weekend I decided to get at least one page done in one of my books by Johanna Basford. Currently I only own three of them, like enchanted garden, secret forest and lost ocean.
I have yet to purchase the jungle themed and the christmas themed, but I suspect I might at some point. Most of my bookmoney ends up being spent on embroidery books anyway.

The weekend of colouring whenever I could gave me some peace and quiet, and probably allowed me to stress down enough to get better as well. And sadly there was nothing good on tv.

Cantilever sewing box

I found this amazing baby at a second hand shop outside of T√łnsberg. It only cost 200 NOK and had very little damage to it. I was so happy to find one that’s so spacious and in good condition to such a low price. I’m over the moon!

Fallout Shelter (on pc) vs. me

For the last couple of days I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout Shelter. I decided to install it on my pc as I wanted more control of my movements and because my cellphone struggles to run the game without much hiccup.

The first thing I decided to do is test out the breeding aspect of it all. This is due to a spur of defiance because of a tweet from Anita Sarkeesian about how

The pregnancy mechanics in Fallout Shelter are super troubling. The primary way to progress is to impregnate as many women as possible.

Well, you need to repopulate the world again, what other options are there to do so without good oldfashioned reproduction? If we’re going to have a proper discussion about the potential sexism in this game can we at least focus on the right part of the game that’s troublesome?

The reproduction is NOT the problem. Me being able to put a Professor’s outfit on males ONLY is however something that DID strike me as slightly odd. Or how the “sports fan” uniform was only for males. Women can be just as weird about sports like a man, and play about every single form of sport that also men play. Except for Turkish wrestling… for a reason obviously.

So why nothing was mentioned in any form that certain apparel was MALE ONLY and related to high ranking stats and positions which is indeed sexist is just beyond me. But like most things (if not all) when it comes to Anita Sarkeesian, she doesn’t really know what the f she’s talking about because she doesn’t actually play any of the games she comments on.

But I digress.


My first actions consisted of making sure I had the basic room setups like water, power, food and living quarters. Then I’d use one specific male to impregnate ALL the women. (Do not be logged in while they’re pregnant, it’s going to be a hassle trying to fend off raiders and whatnot with 10 pregnant screaming women running around like headless chickens.)

My plan consists of making sure that every single female has given birth to three female offspring. Any male offspring will be evicted the moment they reach adult age. I even charted to make sure they all have exactly three female offspring each before I introduce the second male. The second male is not related to any of the females in the vault and is therefore free to breed with ALL of them, including every single offspring of the first male. That’s a lot of women at this point. I’m almost kinda jealous of this guy.

He again (whoever that lucky bastard will be) is then going to have 3 female offspring with every single woman before introducing a third male. But I think perhaps at that point I’m most likely going to hit the 200 population limit anyway.

I’m doing this for a multitude of reasons. A bit of spite because dumb bitches like Anita Sarkeesian has internet access, playing it the “ordinary” way with multiple couples is boring, and I’m a bit fucked in the head.

So far it very much caters to the things I do like in games. There’s building, crafting, a little bit of action and random hoarding. Oh, and like the dumbest chatups ever. But that’s just a bonus.


My so-called white shoes

Last year when we went to Denmark on holiday I was loafing around in a pair of silver glittered ballerinashoes that, while looking amazing, harmed my feet in so many ways I ran out of space on my feet to put bandaids on. While wandering around in Bilka I came across a pair of white slipon sneakers of sorts that had something as AMAZING as memory foam as soles. I was inlove and I was having these shoes.

A year later without proper washing I think we can safely say they don’t exactly look their best.

At some point I bought Vanish Gold. I don’t exactly remember why, it might be related to the knitted sweater we bought for Monkey and how the cat used it as a bed for 3 months and we never really got it back to it’s glorious clean self. And for the record, I think the commercials for Vanish are freakishly stupid.

So I filled up a bucket with some warm water, shoves my “white” sneakers in and gave it a good solid portion of my Vanish Gold and left it there for at least 30 minutes. After which I put everything in the laundry machine with another cup of Vanish Gold and let it run the full program for two hours.

They’re not completely back to white goodness, but it’s close enough.