The Martini Lounge and myself

February 2006 I was asked by Alecia to do some work on The Martini Lounge. She needed me to add the new design at the time and whatnot. It resulted into a month of constant work of adapting the design along with reprogrammering every single file they had. The whole place was an ugly mess. No system or basic construction of the filesystem, everything was dumped up and hoped to serve its purpose untill someone else was left incharge of it.

Malin and I worked our asses off to make everything work just as Alecia wanted it. Even though we had agreed that *I* would delegate the amount to other assigned webmasters. Malin, was however, the only one of the assigned webmasters who actually helped. Everyone else was either constantly offline or too busy.

Malin and I worked pretty good and agreed fairly well and what to do each. It started going wrong when Alecia started interferring and asking Malin on the side things I was already doing and whatnot. Causing me get rather stressed.

When we had made the frontpage and started on the articles, she managed to suddenly say Oh, didnt I mention? All the categories and subpages are to have their own different colors of the design. Gee, thanks for telling me, now we only have 200 pages to change and reprogram again to make it work.

She would constantly check up on us. Preferbly every two hours even when I got sick with the flu and was strictly ordered to stay in bed. Even then she would ask me about progress and continue to nag about getting it done. Now look, I can understand shes excited and stressed about getting it up, but I made it quite clear that I would need a day or two to actually get well, and Malin was picking up on loose ends and picking up my trail as I was unavailable. It wasnt like nothing was being done.

Every day she would ask how we were doing, constantly giving me the reassurance that this was going to be worth my while as she knew how much i hated cleaning up after other peoples mess. And this was a big mess. Just to make it worse, Alecia would decide to go in and change things herself, and that was a big no no for me. Particulary because she has the coding skills of a 5 year old, and she was incapable of doing any alterations without screwing it up and leaving it for me to fix. (Gee, thank you so much)

Now its almost a year since I worked on it. And to this day she still havent payed me in full. I was asked to just send her an invoice which she would pay. So I did. Invoice said 250 dollars for 3 weeks of constant nagging, programmering, fixing, cleanups and general frustration. I thought she got a pretty damn cheap deal. Malin only asked for 20 dollars.

Now lets fastforward three months and 50 dollars sent to me. I continue to email her asking where the rest of my money is. Malin also email asking where HER money is. Apparently she couldnt even cough up measly 20 dollars for her. Countless times I email without getting a reply. EMail accounts she claims she checks forwards to her VPs and whatnot. In the end I send an email to her workmail making it very clear that Im extremely tired of being ignored and if I didnt get a reply or my money, then I could take down the database for the forum and litterally hold it hostage.

You will not believe how fast she responded

She sent me $100 dollars promising me that I would get the other $100 next month as her googlemoney would arrive then. A few weeks later she asked me if I could do some things regarding the forum, which I firmly said I can, but not untill youve paid me in full. Ill even do it for free, I just wont do more work untill Ive been paid fo things Ive already done. And thats the last Ive heard of her.

Now shes mysteriously vanished completely. And Im tempted to take down that forum again

Flood in my home

Havent slept much for the past two days. The other new kitten, Felix, has been howling all night through both nights. So after being extremely low on sleep and having to sit through 8,5 hours of idiocy from people not willing to see past their own noses, the rain naturally starts to fall like crazy.

And as I get home and walk through the door, I see a massive flood on the floor. It had started in the bathroom. Water and icky stuff from the drains was all over the place. Ive managed to get most of it cleaned up, but water is still coming up from one corner in the kitchen. And the empty room I dont use I havent even been looking at as I simply dont have anymore energy left after trying to clean up for the past 4 hours. Ill take care of it tomorrow. And hopefully the kitcken will stop flooding itself at that point and I can dry up the remaining seashore its trying to create in there

After trying to clean stuff up for an hour I ended up getting ShadowXP to call me for some serious comfort. Overtired and fed up with idiots, I just hit that point where you want to burst into tears. And I sorta did, and I told him I wanted to go home. In the end, we agreed that maybe he could take a flight down for the weekend so I wont be so alone in the middle of it all. I havent been home in Norway at all for two months I kinda miss hearing norwegian

I need to get some real sleep

Updated to Poser 6

Still working out some things, but quickly getting the hang of it. Its interface is very much the same. Its just the rendering part I find slightly more confusing then before.

I also managed to break my Poser 5, so I deleted the whole thing without backing up my additional textures etc. Stupid.. lost 5 GB of stuff. Took me forever to locate just half of it.