Cantilever sewing box

I found this amazing baby at a second hand shop outside of Tønsberg. It only cost 200 NOK and had very little damage to it. I was so happy to find one that’s so spacious and in good condition to such a low price. I’m over the moon!

Christmas wreaths

So I decided to make a bit of christmas decorations for once and landed on making two wreaths.
I quite like the silver/purple combination for christmas as I was never a big fan of red and green. To each their own. After spending far too much time with a glue gun this is the end result:

Those romantic words

I just really want to spend more time with you

is by far some of the more romantic things you can ever say to a woman. I just wish it wasnt my dentist who told me this yesterday and that I know his bill is going to contain many more zeroes then I want it to

Todd Lockwood


Ive actually been contacted by Todd Lockwood himself.

Well he emailed me because someone gave him the wrong name (mine) regarding the ownership of a website that possibly contained some of his artwork, but still. Todd Lockwood emailed me 😛

This just made my day.