The getting along

Monday Night, about 11-ish pm, we arrived our home. The picking up had gone well. There was no problems at all.

As we came into the apartment, I waited in the entrance while Marius walked in to bribe Felix with treats. As he was busy swallowing the food whole she snuck up on him to smell him. He didnt notice a thing.

Hes been rather cranky these past days because of her presence. The first night he even walked up to her as if he meant no harm or foul play only to smack her with his paw the second he was within rage. We scolded him for that, which made him even more cranky.

He attempts to play with her, but since shes still young, shes not up for his rough play. Although, they do play chase a lot.

She refuses to leave me alone when I go to bed. She gets up in my face to rub her face up against mine, to lick my neck and chin, and to chew a bit on my hair. I think she has a cold, so I need to call the vet and ask if chicken soup is a good or bad idea.

Yesterday, I saw hope.

I came into the living room and saw Felix sleeping on the sofa, and Carmenzita right next to him. And today, just a few minutes ago, he went up to her basket where shes sleeping, gave her a few licks, and went back to bed. I think hes starting to like her. And I think hes starting to realise he doesnt have to be alone any more.

Welcome Felix

Granted, hes been here since the day after Molly arrived. But it has taken me this long to make him comfertable to me and other humans

Welcome Molly

This is Molly. Shes 12 weeks old and fairly small for her age. She has greyish eyes and brown/grey stripes. Shes tremendously social and friendly towards people and only took her a few minutes before she made me her new mommy.