Aries necklace in soutache and dragon vein jaspers

My brother wanted to give something special for his girlfriend this christmas and asked me to make him something. So I made this. I’m not entirely happy with it but I like the beads which are dragon vein coloured jaspers. Not entirely sure if it’s the name or hte looks that made me fall inlove with them… it’s probably the name.

Virgo soutache necklace

My co-worker liked the bracelet so much she asked for a pendant with the virgo-sign. Said I could choose whatever colours I wanted as long as it was a nice pendant like the one I made with Aries. So naturally I jumped at the chance of doing so. I was on my vacation at the summerhouse as I made it, cause nerdy me wouldn’t leave the beads at home. Monkey surely didn’t mind bringing them along as we had plenty room in the car.

So after a couple of nights watching BBC crime shows it was done and immediatly sent to her so she could enjoy it.

Lepidolite bracelets

I bought these beautiful Lepidolite stones on ebay from a british vendor and I absolutely love them. I decided to make two bracelets out of them in beautiful purple shades (because I love purple). I’m going on vacation soon to Denmark and I plan on giving the one bracelet to my co-worker. I hope she likes it!

New things with Larvikite

I bought a ton of Larvikite in different shapes and sizes. Mostly because Larvikite is from Larvik, and I’m from Larvik and I think it’s a beautiful stone.

I decided to give a massive necklace a go even though I might end up regretting it. It’s incredibly heavy and I’ve had to use thin steel wires in order to keep it into place. I suppose it can be called Victorian Goth-style or something.
It’ll be interesting to see how it ends up once I’m done.

Aries Soutache necklace with pearls

Soutache is one of the technics I discovered when going through bead embroidery and the different variations. I was unable to find a good tutorial on the concept, or even a good vendor to sell me the soutache ribbons but after a couple of weeks of looking I found someone willing to sell me a bunch of ribbons and I managed to find my way to a french tutorial on a necklace pendant.

The beads are white cateye pearls and blach hemalyke pearls

It took me a couple of days to finish and I’m quite proud of it.

Blue Dream Bangle

I have so many different kinds of blue beads its not even funny. I decided to use quite a few of them on this bangle hoping to try something slightly different then my strange unexplanable hematite fetish. Except for the ironic tiny grey bead being infact hematite. The rest is bluecolored pearl discs and cats eye.