My so-called white shoes


Last year when we went to Denmark on holiday I was loafing around in a pair of silver glittered ballerinashoes that, while looking amazing, harmed my feet in so many ways I ran out of space on my feet to put bandaids on. While wandering around in Bilka I came across a pair of white slipon sneakers of sorts that had something as AMAZING as memory foam as soles. I was inlove and I was having these shoes.

A year later without proper washing I think we can safely say they don’t exactly look their best.

At some point I bought Vanish Gold. I don’t exactly remember why, it might be related to the knitted sweater we bought for Monkey and how the cat used it as a bed for 3 months and we never really got it back to it’s glorious clean self. And for the record, I think the commercials for Vanish are freakishly stupid.

So I filled up a bucket with some warm water, shoves my “white” sneakers in and gave it a good solid portion of my Vanish Gold and left it there for at least 30 minutes. After which I put everything in the laundry machine with another cup of Vanish Gold and let it run the full program for two hours.

They’re not completely back to white goodness, but it’s close enough.


Royal Typewriter


This weekend we went to Halden, across the fjord, in order to pick up a typewriter I had located on
The lady selling it was keeping it in her garage until she could get rid of it and stated she hadn’t actually used it herself, she just had it for decoration and now needed to clear up space. To only keep such craftmanship as a decoration and not for proper use is just sad in my opinion, but she wanted 50NOK for it so I kept my mouth shut.

It took some WD-40, a toothbrush and a lot of q-tips but I managed to get it fairly clean. Three of the keys wouldn’t “bounce” when used, but after the clean and slightly modify one of the steelwings it now works beautifuly.

I spent some time looking up its serialnumber on the online database and managed to determine it’s from 1939. Which is essentially the same year Norway was occupied by Germany and thereby included in World War 2.