Updated to Poser 6

Still working out some things, but quickly getting the hang of it. Its interface is very much the same. Its just the rendering part I find slightly more confusing then before.

I also managed to break my Poser 5, so I deleted the whole thing without backing up my additional textures etc. Stupid.. lost 5 GB of stuff. Took me forever to locate just half of it.

Todd Lockwood


Ive actually been contacted by Todd Lockwood himself.

Well he emailed me because someone gave him the wrong name (mine) regarding the ownership of a website that possibly contained some of his artwork, but still. Todd Lockwood emailed me 😛

This just made my day.

And back online again

So. on tuesday my isp cut us off because we were behind on things. On wednesday, after spending the majority of the day at my mothers house getting everyone informed about my sudden absence, I come home to a suspiciously dark home. Power was cut as we were behind there too.

I managed to use the ATM to get some money out of my creditcard to atleast pay the powerbill as living without power for 7 days is just not an option. Not with winter and stormdays knocking on the door.

As with ShadowXPs paycheck on the 15th we wouldnt be behind on anything anymore, sadly, it was still a few days ahead. So Ive spent the last couple of days watching tv, cleaning up the appartment and get beaten by ShadowXP in quizgames such as Genius.

Paycheck happily arrived and we are no longer behind on power, internet and rent. Life is good.

The good part about losing the power for 24 hours was that we finally got the chance to defrost the fridge Its now happy without that enourmous block of ice that has been growing in there for the past 3 years.. *cough*

Hey, Mr Ambulance driver!

The night started rather nice. I met my friend Triz downtown, we rented 4 DVDs (Lilo Stitch, Bridget Jones Diary, The Robots and Cowboy Bebop – the Movie), picked up some coca cola and potatochips and went home to her place to chit chat and watch movies.

As we had finished watching the first movie and I was tired as hell, so we ended up talking about our broken relationships and what we thought of the situation and the people we had been sleeping with (or still sleeping with.. *cough*). Her younger brother had gone over to his friends house down the street so we would have some privacy. Hes after all only 15, there are limitations to what he needs to know just yet.

Around 10-11 oclock he calls Triz and says his friend has collapsed and she needs to come over. When we got there some 15 year old kid was in this trancelike state on the floor. Almost as if he was passed out, yet not. We managed to get *some* communication out of him by getting him to blink his eyes as a responds to things, but that eventually faded out as well.

We moved him to the bed and but him in the standard first-aid position (on the side with bottom leg bent and top arm forward) so he wouldnt suffacate just incase. He was getting strange spasms, everything from small twitches to oh look, ive seen this in psychiatrical patients who needs to get electroshocked-kinda spasms and took whatever strentgh we had to make sure he didnt hurt himself or blocked his airways. I ended up sitting next to him and stroke him so he could feel we were there and that he didnt have to be afraid.

According to his sister he had only had a glass of wine and a few drafts of the marihuana. A glass of wine and two drafts of marihuana does not put you into a semiconcious comatose with severe spasms!

But then again, she was rather stoned herself and was the dealer to her younger brother. Her way of trying to snap him out of it was to sit on him and practically jam his lounges. Last time I checked, you do your best to stay OFF the airways when someone is like that.

As the spasms were getting worse and getting more and more clear he had been taken a bit more then marihuana and alcohol we called the ambulance to pick him up and help him. When they arrived his sister, who hadnt bothered staying around to make sure he was okey, came back and started arguing with the paramedics wether he should go with them or not.

She was of course more worried that her father would find out about her drughabits then saving her younger brother and tried whatever dumbass argument she could to get them to let him stay. But hes a minor and in an obvious poor condition, so they took him with them, thank God.

His sister didnt bother going to the hospital with him. She just walked over the yard and went over to her own appartment. Probably to stone herself more or to throw out whatever crap she had lying around.

My friend Triz and I walked up to the hospital to leave behind his jacked and his housekey. We left a message to let us know how he is when hes released from the hospital. We had a small chat with the ambulancedriver who tried to pump us for information of what he had taken. Sadly, we knew even less then they did.

After it was all over with and back at Triz appartment, I called ShadowXP to make him call me cab. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

TS2 Aliens

My filthy rich sim got kidnapped by aliens. They were kind enough to deliver him back home in a polite and safe manner.

Some time later he gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Cleopatra. She’ll be a lovely match for the same aged little rumble of joy boy Pharaoh who lives across the street.

Yes, thats right. Im breeding alienbabies.